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Lunch & Dinner

 Monday & Thursday 12pm to 3pm

Friday & Saturday 12pm to 8.30pm

Sunday 12pm to 3pm
We operate a vegan and lacto-ovo vegetarian menu at Love Kitchen - or put another way meatless. We are proud to serve plants.


Portobello & Polenta

house dukkah, hummus, balsamic reduction, cold pressed olive oil - ciabatta or gluten-free bread 12 

polenta chips, spinach pesto, chilli jam 15 gf

king brown scallops, smoked garlic aioli, deep fried shallots 17 gf

zucchini flowers, tofu cream cheese, fresh tomato sugo (4) 19 gf

heirloom tomatoes, cold pressed olive oil & house made vegan mozzarella 14 gf

vegan fois gras, apricot jam, house pickles, ciabatta or gluten-free bread 14

 roast pumpkin

quinoa & lentil ‘steak’ with carrot puree, dukkah, balsamic reduction & pesto 29 gf

carraway & fennel roast pumpkin, green quinoa, beetroot aioli, mixed leaves & pepitas 27 gf

portobello mushroom, three bean tuscan ribbolita, soft cheesy polenta 29 gf

love bolognese, spaghetti & parmesan 27

romesco roast capsicum spaghetti, roast fennel, chilli 27

aglio et olio (garlic & olive olive) spaghetti 27

penne boscaiola, creamy cheesy mushroom goodness 27

penne basilica, fresh tomato & basil oil delisciousness 27

choice of 3 vegan risottos all made with arborio rice, fennel & semillon

  • super greens with spinach, parmesan & snow pea tendrils 27 gf
  • truffled mushroom, pine nuts, parmesan & parsley 29 gf
  • traditional saffron & parmesan 29 gf

turmeric fermented cabbage with mint & goji berries 11 v gf

kale, broccoli, apple, linseed, sunflower seeds, pepitas, parsley with apple cider vinaigrette 11 v gf

veggie garden, herb dressing 11 v gf

roast vegetables, garlic & chilli oil 11 v gf

omg potatoes, house made beetroot aioli 14 v gf


lemon meringue pie 14

dark chocolate fondant, house made ice cream 14 gf

panna cotta with fresh berries 14 gf

sticky date pudding, coconut & ginger cream 14 gf

poached pear, apple granita, earl grey syrup, vegan ice-cream 14 gf


There is something for everyone, even the most ardent omnivore (someone that claims they can't live without meat in their diet). If you are not sure about visiting a meatless restaurant then please give us a call or email and we will walk you through what it means and find something o the menu that will work. Go on give it a try - it's certainly not going to be unhealthy!

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our hunter valley restaurant is open 5 days a week from 9am - 3pm Sunday, Monday & Thursday and 9am to 9pm Friday & Saturday. Join the love list to find out more or click the pink button to book your table now

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