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Why Love Kitchen?

love together 

Switching to Australian Organic, not just Love Kitchen, is one of the best ways to ensure you are looking after yourself, your family and our planet.

At Love Kitchen we are on a mission to transform the world’s health and well-being through organic experiences. 

We have plans for new HQ and will build an organic farm and retreat in the Hunter Valley NSW as soon as the universe permits.

As a community we are Advocates for InnerOrigin. InnerOrigin is an online supermarket for everything organic, health and wellness.

In the words of InnerOrigin Founder David Nomchong "We believe you are the 'inner origin' of your whole well-being. Your inner thoughts determine your actions, inner beliefs determine your values. Your inner health determines your outward appearance, which indicates your overall well-being, immune system, brain function and vibrancy. Abundance in life comes from the inner origin of nurturing a sustainable and balanced lifestyle. We provide the community, products, services, education, and systems to help you get to that point of balance."

Love Kitchen supports OnePlate through regular donations based on sales across its operations. 

OnePlate is a social enterprise that raises money through an all-star cast of generous restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars and food businesses goes directly towards funding sustainable food projects in developing countries, giving people the tools they need to create their own food self-sufficiency. These projects include everything from rooftop gardens in developing urban cities to aquaculture, goat, pig and chicken farms, worm farming, and seed banks.

Have fun, stay healthy and be happy.

Much love and gratitude,

Jimmy Wright

CEO & Executive Chef

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