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About Love Kitchen


Welcome to Love Kitchen where we are as local and organic as we can get - always made with love.

We believe that a plant-based diet is the best diet for our bodies and our planet. At our restaurant in the heart of the Hunter Valley about 60% of our dishes are already vegan or vegetarian and by the end of 2019 that is likely to get closer to 80%.

We are committed to using seasonal produce in line with the Slow Food principles of Good, Clean & Fair.

Love Kitchen works mainly with three local producers for animal products; Little Hill Farm for Eggs and Chicken, Merrifield Farm for Pork and the Hunter Natural team at Morpeth Butchery for Beef and Lamb. It’s all as humanely produced as possible in line with high welfare standards, biodynamic principles and organic farming practices.

The Newcastle Fisherman’s Co-op provides us with locally caught seafood at least once a week.

The majority of our fruit and veggies are sourced within 100km of the restaurant and are pesticide free if not certified organic. All our herbs are grown by Gloria in Lovedale.

If we run out of something it’s because we make everything from scratch on-site at the restaurant. It’s a tiny kitchen and we are small team. The menu changes regularly to reflect our creativity and evolving palate along with changes in the seasons and the produce that is available.

Our food is designed to be a perfect balance of indulgence and wellness - it’s modern yet classical with a distinctly anglo-italian flavour that nods to my ancestry with hints of Thai that nods to my irregular gastronomique holidays.

We started as a food blog in 2010 to alleviate my hidden creative foodie-self stuck in a corporate career and evolved first into an online farmers market and then into the first restaurant Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen in 2014. In 2019 we rebranded to Love Kitchen.

Love Kitchen is not just available as a restaurant experience; we have a range of condiments all vegan, coeliac friendly and produced in a nut-free environment with certified organic fruit and veggies. You’ll find these in Harris Farm, online and independent retailers with great taste.

We can even come to you; we offer a Private Dining and Pop-Up Restaurant service where our team will design a menu for your special occasion and come to your home or anywhere with running water, a cook-top and and an oven and deliver the Love Kitchen experience. Check out our ‘feast’ services for more information.


Jimmy Wright

CEO & Executive Chef

100% delicious

Love Kitchen is governed by these values

We are delicious; a pleasure to engage with

  • 100% delicious guarantee for our customers
  • 100% transparency with our suppliers
  • 100% delightful place to work

We are creative; an inspiration for our communities

  • An intelligent and fun experience
  • A culture of innovation and experimentation
  • A profitable channel for our suppliers

We are pure; in produce, practice and person

  • Natural and without additives or chemicals wherever possible 
  • Sourced ethically and fulfilled responsibly 
  • Always with integrity
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