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Kerr's Organic Farm & Retreat - a vision for the future

A few days ago we launched a crowd funding project Kerr's Organic Accelerator to share an early bird opportunity to back our mission to transform health and wellness in Australia.

hunter valley country side

Part of that mission includes building an Organic Farm & Retreat in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

We've identified a site, 61-acres, close to the centre of the tourism activity and less than 45 minutes from Newcastle and less than 20 minutes from fast growing regional centres like Maitland, Rutherford, Branxton, Singleton and Cessnock.

We have already invested more than $30,000 in preliminary reports to establish viability for the vision and the Consultants have given it the thumbs up. We have an architect ready to begin plans and the foundations of a Development Application along with permission from the site owners to get that work done and an option to buy the site whilst the plans and application are in-progress.

Here's the story of what we will create...

Set on 61 acres in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia the site is 100% self-sufficient and a National Geographic Unique Eco Lodge of the World.

The property harvests, purifies and recycles its own water. The farm, accommodation and facilities generate their own power supply from solar, wind and an incinerator. There is enough food supply grown on the site to provide amply for the permanent residents and guests although they work closely with local growers and farmers to add variety and contribute to local food sustainability.

The main lodge houses up to 50 guests in 25 bedrooms and connects to the ‘canteen’ and ‘wellness’ lodges by a network of undercover walkways. All buildings look out onto the Brokenback Mountain range.

There are two staff dwellings at the site one for a General Manager and family and the third provides temporary living accommodation for WWOOFers.

The site features a fully operational farm and vineyard based on the Biodynamic principles laid out by Rudolf Steiner. Anything harvested at the site goes into the canteen, is used by the permanent residents, at Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen or traded with the local community.

The ‘canteen’ is a 100 seater restaurant space focused on healthy plant based food and complemented with small amounts of locally produced organic meat, eggs and sustainably caught fish and seafood.

The Wellness Centre is home to a collective of local healers and practitioners focused on using natural remedies, therapies and rituals as preventative medicine as well as providing treatments to those with conditions that traditional medicine has been unable to fully assist. The main space is a temple like area created for group activities. It features two hyperbaric chambers.

Within the grounds you’ll find a celebration of native Australian horticulture and pools, saunas and steam spaces as well as areas for light exercise, meditation and yoga.

One of of the twenty-five rooms is permanently provided for those who would usually be unable to afford a stay at the Retreat.

Guests are able to simply come for a few nights and stay at the Retreat, enjoy the clean living and pick and choose from the treatments available. Relationships with local organic vineyards, restaurants and various creative and outdoor activities make for a perfect escape.

More structured programs are available to guests seeking tangible health and wellness outcomes ranging from detoxification, dietary resets, recovery from illness, surgery or trauma, weight loss and self-development.

On arrival all motor vehicles are left in the car park and guests are encouraged to walk, use bicycles or the electric carts depending on their mobility to move around.

On-site recreational activities include in-room entertainment, a communal lounge and library, outdoor movie theatre and stage, fire-pits, and barefoot bowls.

It’s less than a hour to Newcastle airport and port, historic Wollombi and twenty minutes drive to Morpeth and Maitland.

What's included;

  1. 25 bedroom lodge with communal areas
  2. 100 seater canteen with commercial kitchen
  3. Two 2-3 bed dwellings for staff
  4. Retreat centre with 6-8 treatment rooms and ‘Temple’ area
  5. Area with indoor outdoor options for corporate style presentations / performance space
  6. Swimming pool, spa, steam facilities
  7. Warehouse for our delicious condiments (hidden from view)
  8. Farm buildings
  9. Greenhouse
  10. Internal tracks / roads

We estimate the total cost of development including the purchase of the land to be in the region of $5m AUD. Over the next 3-9 months we intend to offer up to 40% of Kerr's Organic up for sale through private investment and equity crowd funding.

You can get involved right now by backing the project by pledging for a reward. As a result you'll be one of the first guests to stay at the retreat too at massively discounted prices.

  • 2 Night Weeknight Stay - $125 (will be up to $700)
  • 1 Night Weekend Stay - $150 (will be up to $350)
  • 2 Night Weekend Stay - $250 (will be up to $950)
  • 3 Night Weekend Stay - $300 (will be up to $1300)


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