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Just Do It. Detox. And hopefully stay that way.

On November 26th 2017 I turned 39.

Not happy in my head or with the body I had and I wanted to do something about it.

I started to write this on 12th January 2018 - Day 1 of a 12 Day Detox. I am at a Health and Wellness retreat in Thailand with my husband Matty. We will be sharing the results of the Detox program in the next blog.

At weigh in I was 89kg and the Doctor leading the program has shared with me that my degree of obesity is 29.2%, my body is 27.5% fat, I have the metabolic age of a 48 year old. My ideal weight for my height (177cm or 5’9”) is 69kg.

I am 20kg overweight.

My manboobs are increasingly noticeable and the thought of running more than about 50 meters fills me with exhaustion.

  • I want kids and I want to be fit and healthy for my kids.
  • I have a husband and I want to be fit and healthy for him.
  • I want to feel good about going to the beach or lying by the pool.
  • I want to be able to take my shirt and not feel like the world is looking at me with disgust.
  • Perhaps most importantly I want to feel good again.

Six months ago I tried a 21 Day Detox at home that involved sachets of powder everyday, three times a day. I liked two of the potions but one wasn't hitting the spot so I avoided it fifty percent of the time. I lasted until about day 12 and then had a few wines and some red meat and then my life got in the way.

The 21 Day Detox program is amazing and there is a Facebook Community that supports every step with you if that is what you need. I lost about 2kg in the first week and learnt a huge amount about my diet. I was naughty and didn’t participate in the online community and would suggest that this element is critical to getting to the end and really seeing the results. I will be trying it again and utilising all the support next time.

About five years ago I read Tim Ferris’ The Four Hour Body and was enthralled. It promised to give me the body I wanted for less than 4 hours exercise a month provided I followed the right diet and took the right supplements. I shredded weight and had heaps of energy but the diet was unsustainable for me as a way of life. It was boring and cumbersome. I was eating six boiled eggs, a bag of spinach and a handful of nuts everyday before midday and if the bottle of pills hadn’t been labelled I would have probably been arrested for drug trafficking going through an airport… you get the picture.

Husband, Matty, and I have come to the retreat to reset our systems.

There is a 3 day pre-Cleanse where we eat nothing but salads and prepare our bodies for fasting. Then there is a 7 days juice cleanse which includes a colonic hydrotherapy everyday. Then a 2.5 day post-Cleanse which prepares our bodies for proper solid food again.

Whilst on our retreat we’ve been working on a series of new projects for Kerr’s Organic one of which is our free online guide to Health and Wellbeing. To join the InnerCircle at Kerr’s Organic you just need to register and we will start sending you the guide over 12 emails in 12 days.

We will be sharing everything we have learned about how to get your mind and body to where you want it to be in the easiest and most straightforward way we can.

We have called the online community Wellness Witches & Wizards on Facebook.

My motivations are simple

  • I want to feel good again and right now I feel fat and know I'm getting fatter. I feel sluggish and know the longer I leave things the harder it will be.
  • I don't want to enter my 40th year on the planet setup to become a fat middle aged white man with a pot belly and that drinks too much. I have a little over 10 months to make sure I am on a very different trajectory.
  • I want to feel great when I strip down to lie by a pool or spend time at the beach. Not for anyone else but me.
  • I want to be fit and healthy and ready to start the surrogacy process with my husband who is 7 and a bit years younger than me.

So what's my plan when I get home from Detox and stop being in a controlled environment where there is zero access to bad food or alcohol?


  • I have a puppy, a beautiful chocolate Labrador who just turned two, Miss Cee Cee Babcock. She's overweight and underwalked too so I intend to involve her in my attempt at maintaining transformation as much as possible.
  • I have a bicycle, it's about ten years old, but was a decent piece of kit when I bought it. It's been unused for about 5 years. I recently spent $90 on a service and another $90 on a fancy new luminous Lime green helmet. I intend to cycle places.
  • As the co-owner of a restaurant Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen I've got access to great food and given it's an organic one with at least a third of the menu focused on wellness dishes I really don't have an excuse for not eating well. I'm a self confessed foodie and deep down do know something about what's good and bad for my health and how I look for others.

As an Advocate for InnerOrigin I have access to probably the best array of supplements and superfoods in Australia; to support weight loss, transformation and energy. I won't be spending fortune but I'll be investing wisely and sharing with you what I find that works.

What do I know about food?

And come to that what do most half educated adults that watch any TV and flick through trashy magazines at the doctors in the developed work know about food..

  • Vegetables especially raw ones are a great base for any diet
  • Fruit is pretty good for vitamins and stuff but in moderation as it's often high sugar
  • You need protein and fat but it doesn't have to come from vast quantities of red meat
  • Lean meat like chicken is good if you don't have a problem with eating animals
  • Fish, especially the oily ones is even better
  • Food that is heavily processed especially when it is really easy to eat or prepare / serve and has a long shelf life is probably bad. Probably full of sugar and bad fats and things that are made in laboratories rather than grown on farms. They do however taste great a lot of the time.
  • Dairy is probably not that great especially in the quantities that we've been consuming it for the last 50 or so years. Milk is designed for turning baby cows into 500kg beasts quickly and not for nourishing adult humans whose ideal weight is probably about 75kg based on average height.
  • Bread tastes good, as do potatoes, pasta and rice but gluten and carbohydrates are complex and take lots of effort to digest and get energy from. There are gentler alternatives.
  • Anything in bright shiny plastic that contains white sugar, corn syrup or a hyphenated word you can't easily pronounce is super bad for you. The plastic is not good for the planet and what's inside is probably just a detrimental to your individual health. However much of what you are encouraged to buy if you open social media, a newspaper or turn on the TV will fit into this category.

I use the word probably a lot when I talk about good and bad food. We are fed so much information about everything and it's terribly confusing. I'm not a scientist or a qualified nutritionist so I can make any outright claims one way or the other. I do however read a lot about health and consume a lot of health related media.

Generally speaking if it grows healthily or simply exists without the use of chemicals, hormones or too much mucking with and hasn't poisoned humans yet it's probably okay to eat. The mucking around, processing and adding of things that aren't naturally occurring the less likely it is to be good for me. Even better if it hasn't had to travel far from when it came to exist to get into my gob.

That's my summation of the current global food debate and how I think about food so how does it translate...

My food and drink intake intentions are as follows (I refuse to use the D word)

  1. 3 days vegetarian, mostly vegan and then 1 day whatever I like but I suspect it will be mainly pescetarian the way I am feeling - on rotation 
  2. limit dairy to butter when I want it
  3. cheese treat once a fortnight
  4. alcohol limited to two days a week and limited to two standard drinks on each occasion
  5. experiment with ‘shakes’ and ‘broths’ but don't make it an annoying thing that I have to live by
  6. nothing solid after dinner and try to finish dinner by 7pm
  7. start the day with lots of water
  8. avoid gluten
  9. avoid anything known to contain sugar or corn syrup
  10. if there is something on the label that sounds artificial or is a combination of letters and numbers I won’t eat or drink it - I’ll trust my gut to make good decisions

That's 10 things to remember. That is enough.

Let's see how we go.

If you would Iike to access everything we have learned and continue to learn about health and wellness you can join Witches & Wizards and the Kerr’s Organic InnerCircle here.

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