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9 days and 4.7kg later

Here's the proof... the official weigh-ins during the Detox Program Day 1 was 89kg and 9 days later I (Jimmy) came in at 84.3kg; controlled weight loss in a highly controlled environment.

Since leaving the luxury compound in Thailand 14 days ago I have remained meat-free and have had seafood a couple of times. I am 99% dairy and gluten free (there was an incident with a pizza in Bangkok which I thoroughly enjoyed) and have largely been following a plant based diet. I had my first coffee this morning - black.
I currently weigh 84.5kg.

Without breaching intellectual property laws I'm going share the 12 day experience we had in Thailand and then offer some solutions for following a similar program on your own or with a group of friends or family at home and still be able to function and live a normal life.

Whilst on retreat there were periods that both Matty & I were incredible grumpy and so lacking in energy due to the lack of food that we really weren't able to mentally or physically do much more than read books and watch movies. We were under the supervision of a medical doctor, a team of nutritionalists and support staff and I would not recommend doing a complete fast (especially if it's your first time) any other way.

Day 1-3

  • Vegan Diet

  • Regular Alkalizing and System Flushing drinks - we will share some easy recipes
Hydrating Drinks

  • Light Exercise

Day 4-10 (on retreat we were on a 100% juice diet for this period)

  • Detox Drink x2 - we will share some ideas with you

  • Detox Meals x2 - recipes coming soon
Green Shots - Mana Blend Superfood Powder makes this easy

  • As much vegetable broth and coconut water as you need

  • Caffeine Free Herbal Teas - there's a great selection at InnerOrigin
  • Probiotics which you can at most health food stores or order PreGood Premium Sachets

  • Light Exercise if you can manage it

  • On retreat we also had a closed system Colonic Hydrotherapy session everyday - you can find treatment centres in Australia or DIY at home
 with one of our easy to use kits from Italy

Day 11-12

  • Rejuvelac Drinks - traditionally made with wheat grain you can actually do it with Quinoa so it's 100% gluten-free
Detox Meals x2

  • Jimmy's Superfood Bread & Vegetable Dips

It might sound obvious but whilst you are doing the detox you will need to follow these six NOs for it to have maximum effect

  1. No alcohol

  2. No smoking

  3. No caffeine

  4. No dairy

  5. No animal protein

  6. No soy

Life back in real world is actually not as hard as expected.

The most challenging part is remembering that you've made a commitment to yourself to think and be healthy. You realise how often you had previously been making unconscious unhealthy decisions.

We will be sharing recipe and juice ideas and the things that are helping keep us on track in future blogs and via a series of emails - Sign Up

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