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Power from Plants

The name is James, James Wright - but everyone calls me Jimmy - I’m the organic, vegan Chef @organicveganchef

For the last 4 years we’ve been stirring things up in the Hunter Valley - first with Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen - everything organic,  homely and health driven.

At the beginning of this year we gave everything a shake and rebranded to Love Kitchen @lovekitchenhv

Love stands Local Organic Vegan Experience and as we all know nothing stands in the way of love.

Love conquers all.

That’s why this week we’ve made the decision to take the next step into a plant based future. It’s time shake things up even more.

The team didn’t order any meat or fish for the restaurant this week.

That means once what we have in the fridge is gone it’s gone and we will be the number one Vegan / Vegetarian restaurant in the Hunter Valley.


Simply put we believe a plant based diet is better for individual health and the health of our planet.

We will continue to serve locally farmed dairy (milk, yoghurt and cheese) and eggs; where we know the farmers personally and have visited the animals that support the production. Our ethical stand point is that small quantities of dairy and eggs as ‘treats’ and special occasion food is okay for those that want it provided it’s done on a small scale and animal welfare is the primary focus to ensure a high quality product.

Our commercial reality is the Love Kitchen restaurant is in the heart of then Hunter Valley and we rely on the tourist trade to stay open. We’d probably have to close down if we didn’t get that customer traffic and right now there aren’t enough vegan customers to justify our going all out. So a lacto-ovo vegetarian menu is where we need to be, to be sustainable right now.

As someone deeply committed to sharing organic, plant based living as a better way doing life I’m okay with us serving dairy and eggs if it means we get the ‘switch to more plants’ for your health and the long term health of our communities and the environment message to more people.

I’ve got really clear over the last two months of doing some really deep reflection and strategic thinking that Love Kitchen’s purpose is to demonstrate to as many people as possible that a diet based on plants is just as delicious, interesting, varied and of course healthier than one that involves the often wasteful and harmful activity of farming and needless killing of sentient animals.

The more people we touch with our plant based message the better. The progressive vegan agenda cannot be an all or nothing agenda.

So what can you expect from Love Kitchen and me the Organic Vegan Chef over the next few months

  1. More communication about why plants are best
  2. An evolving vegan menu at Love Kitchen and for our private dining customers with a distinctly Italian / French feel to it
  3. Opportunities to sample exciting new recipes at home and in more locations around Australia - we have big plans for an Australian made vegan, organic and gluten-free range of products to expand the range we have already developed and we are trialling pop-up dining and private chef experiences in new locations with Perth and Byron Bay @lovekitchenbb available in July already

Over the next few weeks there are plenty of opportunities for you to come and try us out

Our winter opening hours at the restaurant are
Sunday, Monday and Thursday 9am to 3pm
Friday and Saturday 9am to 9pm


We have some limited spots still available for our Winter Weekend Specials on Friday and Saturday nights for just $15 per person.

The EOFY Supper series is on at the last weekend of June - whether your business has had a great year or is doing it tough this Dinner is great way to bring your team together and acknowledge the work they are doing.

The next Vegan Experiments dinners are on the 4th July in the Hunter Valley and the 25th July in Perth.

We’ve recently created a Vegan Private Chef Experience that is now available in across the Hunter Valley and Newcastle region and in Byron Bay and across Northern New South Wales that starts at just $449 for dinner for 6 - cooked by me at a location of your choice.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our lovely suppliers without your hard work and commitment to high quality products and ingredients we couldn’t have gotten this far on our organic journey.

Thank you to all our delicious customers and followers who have given us support and feedback and keep coming back.

Thank you to all the staff past and present that have helped get us to this point.

The next chapter for Love Kitchen feels like both the most challenging but also the most exciting and most important one.

Power from Plants 🌱

Love yourselves 💚

Love, Love 💕


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